Problem with intermediate_image_sizes filter

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Problem with intermediate_image_sizes filter

Post by billstoltz » April 3rd, 2016, 9:21 am

I just installed the Enigma Premium Theme and now I am having a problem with PODS Plugin.

The PODS plugin makes a call to get_intermediate_image_sizes(), which applies the filter 'intermedate_image_sizes'.
Which ends up calling weblizar_image_presets().
However, since this is not a POST, there is no 'post_id', and the function returns 'null'.

I am wondering if the "return $sizes" should be outside the "if" as shown below?

Code: Select all

  if( isset($_POST['post_id']) ){
  	$type = get_post_type($_REQUEST['post_id']);	
    	foreach($sizes as $key => $value){
 return $sizes;

This fixes the error, but I am not sure if this could cause other problems????
Please advise.

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