360º Virtual Tours - PanoPress Plug-In

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360º Virtual Tours - PanoPress Plug-In

Post by ernie1959 » April 5th, 2016, 12:19 pm

I create 360º virtual tours and use the plug-in called PanoPress to embed them in a webpage. With the previous theme I was using (GeoPress) I was able to embed the tour on a page using this code ---> [pano file="https://aerialxpressions.com/wp-content ... /BPAC.html" width= "1024" height= "530" panobox="off"]. When a user selected the link the tour would automatically load up and start playing.

Using the PanoPress plug-in the end result display was perfect, meaning that it played with correct orientation for all 3 devices... desktop, tablet and a mobile device...no matter what orientation.

However, with theme, "Enigma Parallax Pro", I'm still able to embed on a page and the virtual tour plays on all devices but orientation is skewed for mobile devices, the orientation is not correct. Are you able to tell me if there is a possible fix for this?

Also, I purchased all the plug-ins...so is there a plug-in that will let me attach a picture to the virtual tour and then play the tour using the same code as above or a different one, if so which plug-in is suitable? I want the user to be able to click on a picture and the tour to automatically open to full screen.

As of now the user has to click a picture that takes them to the PanoPress "Panobox", then they have to click on the play button.

I hope this make sense...but any and all help is appreciated!


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