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Are you a blogger?
Are you a web designer/developer?
Are you an Internet marketing consultant?

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All-year-around active cookies.
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Basic set of tools for working with us

Weblizar’s affiliate program is a safe way of earning money. Become an affiliate today and earn up to 10% commissions of every purchase made through your affiliate link. Do not forget to use your affiliate ID wherever you are placing affiliate link or simply referring us to your friends.

Are you a blogger?

We are offering many ready-made solutions for monetizing your blog with our affiliate program. You can use our ready-made HTML showcases with affiliate links, or simply make showcase of your own using text links by featuring our products. Install our widget that will automatically offer your readers relevant templates in the end of the article,  this will minimize your efforts and maximize the revenue.

Are you a web designer/developer?

Design studios, just as custom designers or any other developers could go even further than installing widgets and get a use our WebAPI for making ready-made shop (RMS) for creating a template shop. You don’t even need to show your readers that these templates are made by weblizar.

Are you an Internet marketing consultant?

This applies to any aspect of advertising, consulting, hosting/domain registration, SEO services, social& email marketing, web applications, software development etc.
You are welcome to use all the necessary tools for all kinds of businesses you do! If you require some extra tools or have any questions, feel free to give us a word.

Text links

Use text links to promote our products on your website. To make the link affiliate, just add aff/go/username after the URL of the product.
Here’s an example:
Don’t hesitate to use link shorteners. The links will still be affiliate.


Use our banners to create constant flow of customers and increase your sales. Do not forget to use affiliate code before you put them on the front page of your website.

Download the whole set of new banners (you have to be logged into your affiliate account)


WebAPI is a set of scripts for retrieving information about templates from database. It is used to get this info and store it in your own database in order to create your own custom template shops. It is an excellent tool for those who know a web programming language such as PHP, Wordpress, HTML5 & CSS3, Javascript, etc.

RMS (Ready-Made Shop)

You can start your own template shop and start working for yourself. It’s up to you whether you want to promote our products or sell them without showing your users who made them. Click here to look at the ready-made shops that are very easy to integrate. You have to be logged in your affiliate account to view the RMS solutions. If you need help with that, just let us know.


One of the most popular strategies is surely featuring our showcases. Feel free to shoot us an email and we will get it ready for you. We have 50+ ready-made showcases in categories like business, design & photography, fashion & beauty, sports, travel, etc.


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