Jobs Portal Pro is a powerful and robust plugin to create and manage job portal on your WordPress website where recruiters can post their job requirements and view job applicants. Also, applicants can filter, search jobs and apply to a job in an easy and elegant way.

(A). Plugin Installation

Step 1. First download the plugin from your Codecanyon Account.

Step 2. Upload, Install & Activate plugin into a WordPress site.

(B). Plugin Installation (Codecanyon) Codecanyon

Step 1. First download the plugin.

Step 2. Upload, Install & Activate plugin into a WordPress site.

(C). Plugin Installation (Weblizar) weblizar

Step 1. First download the plugin.

Step 2. Upload, Install & Activate plugin into a WordPress site.

Plugin Features

Simplified Job Portal :-

Job Portal is simplified with separate panel for each group of recruiters, candidates and admins. This makes posting of jobs and applying to a job easy for both recruiters and candidates.

Multiple Recruiters :-

Any number of recruiters can signup and register their company.

Post Unlimited Jobs :-

Recruiters can publish any number of jobs based on their company requirements.

Multiple Applicants :-

Any number of candidates and signup and register their CV.

Search and Filter Jobs :-

Applicants can search for jobs and apply to them.

Recruiter Dashboard :-

Recruiter can register company and start posting jobs by specifying requirements such as skills, work experience, job locations, department, industry etc. Also, recruiter can view newest applicants for jobs and view their CV in dashboard.

Candidate Dashboard :-

Candidate can register CV by providing necessary details such as work experience, expected salary, preferred job etc. Candidate can browse various jobs, search for job and apply to it. Lastly, candidates can view all jobs applied by them in dashboard.

Admin Dashboard :-

Administrators manage all candidates, recruiters, jobs, industries, departments, job types etc.

Job Portal Settings

1). Go to the Job Portal.

2). Click on settings Here, you can find general settings for Job Portal plugin. The short-codes [job_portal] and [job_portal_account] are automatically placed on two pages (Job Portal and Account Page) at the time of plugin activation.

3). Click on save button to save settings.

If you want to make Job Portal page as your front page, you can do it so from WordPress settings. Also, you set full width for these two pages.

Job Portal Settings

Job Industries

1). You can add industries from Job Portal,Go to the Job Portal.

2). Click on Industries. These industries can be selected by recruiters when adding  new jobs or editing existing jobs.

3). Click on button to Add New Industries.

Job Portal Industries

Job Departments

1). You can add Departments from Job Portal,Go to the Job Portal.

2). Click on Departments.

3). Click on button to Add New Departments.

Job Portal Departments

Job Types

1). Job types can be added by administrators,Go to the Job Portal.

2). Click on Job Type.

3). Click on button to Add New Job Types.

Job Portal Types

Job Portal

Job portal can be displaced in any page by using short-code [job_portal].

Job Portal

Job Portal Login / Signup

Anyone can signup as candidate or as recruiter and based on selection, they can further register CV (in case of candidate) or register company (in case of recruiter). Recruiters or candidates can login if they already have an account.

Job Portal Signup and Login

Recruiter: Company Registration

If signing up as recruiter, a form will open for registering a company where recruiter needs to provide company name, email, phone and more details.

Job Portal Recruiter Register Company

Recruiter: Post or Edit Job

After registering a company, recruiter can post new jobs or edit existing jobs. At the time of adding new jobs, recruiter can provide various information about the job such as work experience, skills, job locations, departments, industry and so on.

Job Portal Recruiter Edit Job

Recruiter: Posted Jobs

Recruiter can view all the jobs posted. Job Portal Recruiter Posted Jobs

Recruiter: Dashboard

In recruiter dashboard, recruiter can find all newest applicants who have applied to jobs posted by that recruiter.

Job Portal Recruiter Dashboard

Candidate: Register CV

Candidate after signing up needs to register CV. Here, candidate can provide various details such as work experience, skills, certificates, desired job, industry, previous employment etc.

Job Portal Candidate Register CV

Candidate: Dashboard

Candidate can view all jobs applied, view or delete CV and browse jobs or apply to them.

Job Portal Candidate Edit CV

Candidate: Apply to Job

In single job page, candidate can view job and recruiter details, also apply to that job.

Job Portal Candidate Apply Job

Candidate: Jobs Applied

Candidate can find all the jobs applied in dashboard.

Job Portal Candidate View Jobs Applied

Recruiter: View Job Applicants and CV

Recruiter can view all job applicants and view their CV.

Job Portal Recruiter View Applicants and CV

Administrators Panel

1).Administrators can view job applications, candidates and recruiters registered in their site,Go to the candidates.

2).click on job applications.

Job Portal Admin View Applicants

Help and Support

If you face any trouble OR required any assistance to set up and configure the plugin, please post your query on Support Forum. We will try our best to resolve our query on the forum.

And your suggestions for more features and improvements for our plugin is really appreciated.

Thanks for reading this documentation.