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"TABS" shortcode functionality problems

Posted: December 2nd, 2014, 5:24 am
by kalimower

I have used the "tabs" function in the shortcode editor to create tabs on a few of my pages, however only three of the six tabs are working correctly. This is the page I am referring to:

I have included a screenshot and some code for your review. Please help me to fix this.

[tabgroup tabs_title="Life Skills"][tabs tabs_title="Life Skills" wrap="yes" tabs_text='We teach youth a variety of life skills as basic as keeping personal space clean, doing laundry, chores, cooking healthy meals, engaging in proper hygiene and dressing appropriately. We have found that the responsibility and healthy living that teens learn in our drug rehab greatly increases their chances of success after treatment. Read more >'/][tabs tabs_title="Recreation" wrap="no" tabs_text='Recreation is a significant component of recovery, as well as healthy adolescent development and is incorporated into daily living within the TC. The program has a diverse fitness activities including basketball, dance, hiking, jogging and yoga. The youth also engage in recreation outings such as visits to the theater, museums, athletic events or art shows. See our fun recreation >'/][tabs tabs_title="Family Support" wrap="no" tabs_text='Family Support Odyssey House recognizes that families and loved ones have been through so much trying to help their addicted teen. This can be a very emotional and destructive process. Odyssey involves the family immediately before, during and after treatment in multiple ways. Parents and loved ones are encouraged to participate which leads to greater success for the teen. Read more >'/][tabs tabs_title="Teen Medical Care" wrap="no" tabs_text='Providing professional medical care for your teen is just one of the ways that we increase your teen’s chances of a successful recovery. Our medical team is sensitive to the unique needs of addicted teens and has the knowledge to treat co-occurring medical issues that often come hand-in-hand with addiction. Read about our medical care >'/][tabs tabs_title="Aftercare" wrap="no" tabs_text='Aftercare is always free for clients who have completed our programs. Alumni meet regularly and each month, Odyssey provides a paid recreation activity to provide a memorable and stronger bonding experience. Past activities include going to movies, attending a dinner and play, playing miniature golf and going to a sports game. Learn about free aftercare >'/][tabs tabs_title="Specialized Staff" wrap="no" tabs_text='Licensed professional staff including psychiatrists, primary care physicians, social workers, mental health counselors, substance abuse counselors, psychiatric nurses, and support staff oversee clients and the functioning of the TC. All staff members must have over 30 hours of formal training annually related to evaluation and treatment of substance abuse to meet client needs. Meet our staff >'/][/tabgroup]