Settings won't apply in Photo Gallery with 106+ photos

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Settings won't apply in Photo Gallery with 106+ photos

Post by kavery » December 9th, 2015, 11:54 am

I purchased Video Gallery Link Pro after trying out the free version. I installed Pro and created a 4-column Video Gallery linked to a dozen of my Vimeo videos, which seemed to work fine.

Then I proceeded to create a Photo Gallery, added about 112 photos, and Published to see the results. The default was 2-column oval, and I wanted to change it to 4-column rectangle. But the Settings would NOT save when I press Publish.

I found that if I removed a few photos—back to about 106—then the Settings would apply. But if I added more photos back in, the Settings would go awry.

Is there a fixed limit to the number of photos allowed in the Photo Gallery? Or is there another reason the Settings won't always apply?

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Re: Settings won't apply in Photo Gallery with 106+ photos

Post by admin » December 10th, 2015, 11:59 am

Hi Kavery,

There is no limit to add images into a single gallery.

The problem you are talking about is related to server configuration. There is limit of data posting on server.

The variable post_max_size is responsible for this. You need to increase size of that variable using server php.ini file

Here the thread via you can increase the size of data posting variable - ... -post-size
You can contact to your hosting provider to update this for you.

Plugin has no problem regarding adding unlimited images, you can test plugin on local server where you found post_max_size is 20M.
So, you can add more than 250+ images easily in single gallery. If you increase size of post variable more then image adding limit also increase.


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