Facebook Feed Pro

The Facebook Feed Pro allows you to display a completely responsive, customizable and search engine crawlable version of your Facebook profile, page or group feed on your own website. No more ugly iframes! Super simple to set up and number of customization options to seamlessly match the look and feel of your site.

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Facebook Feed Pro plugin allows you to easly display facebook Profile, Page and Group Feed on your website using either shortcode or widget to Increase social engagement between you and your users, customers, fans or group members. Additionally it also now allows you to display the customized Facebook feed on your website using the same color scheme of your website.  Its completely customizable with lots of optional settings. Its also responsive Facebook feed at the same time.

Facebook Feed Pro is a completely customizable, responsive solution to help to display your Facebook feed on your WordPress website.  This plugin comes with a number of great features and functionality.  Add  many feeds as you want to display contents your Facebook Profile, Page or Group in your WordPress sites pages and posts using feeds short-codes.  It allow to displaying  Facebook Posts,  Photos,  Albums, Videos, Events and Mores.

The Facebook Feed Pro come with the awesome 9+ Lightbox features to display galleries in a POP-UP Window Boxes and have number of Hover  CSS EffectsAnimationLoading effects. Facebook Feed Pro Plugin offers the number customization options, theme and layout options and more. No matter how much design and technical knowledge you have, you can set-up in minutes and change the plugin to better fit your website.

Two Major Features:

1. Add Multiple Facebook Profiles, Pages, Groups With Single Plugin 

Unlike many other facebook feed plugins, Faceebook Feed Pro allows you to add multiple Facebook profiles with it’s interface so just in case you are managing more than one Facebook profile for your business,it would easier for you to fetch and show data on your website. Multiple facebook profiles will facilitate you show more and more about your brand and business to get the attention your are seeking. More attention will give you more reach and thus more business at the end.

2. Show your Groups, Pages Timeline With One Click

Facebook feed pro made it much easier to fetch all your facebook feed (be it your page or group) on to your website with a single click and even you can promote your Facebook page and group to get more potential fans and group members.


Facebook Feed Pro


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Facebook Feed Pro Features


Profile, Page & Group Feeds

Show your complete feed on your website through Facebook Feed Pro. Posts, videos, images, events – your visitors won’t miss a thing! Convert your visitors to loyal customers!


Unlimited Feeds Per Page/Post

There is no limit to how many feeds you want to show on each page or post with many different layouts.


Light-Box Layouts

Choose from 9 different impressive design layouts to increase your visitors engagement.


Tons of Feed Shortcodes

So many shortcodes to help you assemble your feed your way on the website.


Feed Widgets

This plugin comes with powerful feed widgets which allows you to customize your feeds in sidebars, footer and many more places.


Specific Content Facebook Feeds

Show specific parts of your facebook feeds to increase your user's probability on sticking to the feed.


Loading & Hover CSS Effect

Bored enough from old load icons and hover effects? Facebook feed comes loaded with all new trendy effects.


Auto-Update Feeds

No need to integrate your feed every now and then. Just hit refresh and voila your feed is updated with your current facebook feed.


Top Level & Stream Type Comment Display

Show your facebook page feed as it looks like on Facebook. All related comments and cover image will be visible.


Sharing On Social Media

Always stay a step ahead of your competitors, a social share button with multiple social platform sharing options is certainly beneficial.


No Code Require

100% User-Friendly user panel and many customizable options make sure that even a fifth grader can customize the plugin accordingly.


Likebox Widgets

More organic likes through your facebook feeds with the help of facebbok likebox that can be placed in every corner of your website.


Like & Share Button For Each Feed in Like-box

Separate options for liking and sharing your content for individual feeds in like box.


Fast & Friendly Support

Yep, we consider our support to be a feature! We win a lot of people over with our speed, knowledge, and willingness to go above and beyond to help our customers when they need it


Responsive Facebook Feeds

Facebook feed plugin ae completely responsive in all media devices.

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Facebook Feed Pro

Compatible Browsers : Premium
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  • Price
  • Support / Updates Period
  • Responsive layout
  • Page & Public Group feeds
  • Facebook Profile Feed
  • Auto-Update Feeds
  • Unlimited Facebook feeds per page/post
  • Header, Comments & likes Display
  • Facebook redirection option
  • Shortcodes
  • Page Like Box Widget and Shortcode
  • Page Like Button, Stream, Fan Faces
  • Page Like & Share Button for each Feeds
  • Lightbox Effects
  • Loading & hover Css effect
  • Google Fonts
  • Specific Content Feeds
  • Multiple Post layouts
  • Customiz feeds Themes layout
  • Facebook Profile Feeds
  • Google+, Twitter, Facebook Sharing
  • Facebook Feeds Widgets
  • Tons of Customization Options
  • Custom CSS
  • Free Version  
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