Weblizar - FAQ

Q.1 Why choose WebLizar Themes & Plugins?

Ans. WebLizar is a WordPress Premium Themes & Plugins Development company since 2013. We have been building WordPress Themes for 2 years and one of most accepted company in the market. Weblizar products designs are beautiful and easy to use.

Q.2 Are your Plugins Themes compatible & Are your Themes Plugins compatible?

Ans. Our themes should work good with most of popular plugins. But, there is no way for us to test all plugins will work with all our products. All we can do to support each your problems & issues until they are got resolved.

Q.3 May I use Themes on multiple site?

Ans. We offer support/assistance on a  single theme licence on single Website/Domain. You needs to buy multiple licence for multiple Website/Domain support / assistance.

Q.4 Do you provide Themes/ Plugins customizations?

Ans. Yes, we provides Themes/Plugins customization If they are possible. For all Minor customization there is No Extra Cost, but for all Major Customizations we charge according to customizations.

Q.5 What is WebLizar refund policy?

Ans. Yes, we support refund to all our customers within 30 days of your purchase in case of product not suits to your use case. We always like smiley faces of all our customer.

Q.6 What about Customer Support?

Ans. We loves our customers. We are Truly Dedicated to supports all our customers 24×7.